"And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them."

Luke 6:31

How have you been a good friend today?

"Love is more important than anything else. It's what ties everything completely together."

Colossians 3:14

How did God show his love for the world?
How do you show your love for others?
What can you do today to show love to other people?

'God said to human beings, "Fill the earth with people and look after it. Care for all that I have made."'

Genesis 1:27

What is our responsibility to care for God's world?
How can I behave responsibly today?
Who relies on me to act responsibly?

"I am the Lord your God. I am holding your hand, so don't be afraid."

Isaiah 41:13

How was Jesus courageous?
What helps people to be courageous?
How have you shown courage today?

"It is better to be honest and poor than dishonest and rich."

Proverbs 16:8

Why is it important to be honest?

"Try to earn the respect of others."

Romans 12:17, paraphrase

Who do you respect and why?
What sort of behaviour earns respect?
What do you do to show you respect someone?

Junior School Admissions - Year Three To Year Six

Thank you for considering St Martin’s C of E Voluntary Aided Schools for your child's Key Stage Two education.

Please note that, even though we are Federated, children who attend the Infant School will need to apply to the Junior School to move on to Year Three.

If you have any queries about admissions that are not covered on this page, or you would like to arrange a tour of the schools, please contact the school office by phone: 01372 846930 or by emailing: admissions@stmartinsepsom.school

Admissions To Reception In September 2017

If you applied online you will be emailed by Surrey with the outcome of your application in the evening of 18 April 2017. You can also log into your account to see the outcome, from the same evening. If you have downloaded the mobile app 'ParentComms' you will also receive a push notification in the evening of 18 April 2017 telling you the school your child has been allocated.

If you applied online but have not been offered your first preference Surrey Admissions will also send you a letter by first class post on 18 April 2017, giving more information on the decision and what steps you can take next.

If you applied on paper Surrey Admissions will send you a letter by first class post on 18 April 2017 letting you know the outcome of your application.

Surrey Admissions will publish details of how places have been allocated for September 2017 as soon as possible after the allocation on their website.

Information To Provide With Your Application

If you live outside the parishes of St Martin's, Christchurch or St Barnabas but are on the church roll, we ask that you complete our supplementary information form and return it to the school when you provide your application for a place.

If you live inside the parishes of St Martin's, Christchurch or St Barnabas, you do not need to complete the supplementary form.

If you are not sure of the boundaries, please click here to see a map. You can also use the Church of England parish finder.

Late Applications

The application period for primary, infant and junior schools ended on 15 January 2017 and so subsequent applications will now be classed as a late admission. 

Further information can be found on Surrey County Council's website or by calling 0300 200 1004

Admissions Policies

Please view the policies below to access the criteria that we use when making a decision in regards to a child acquiring a place at the school.

Admissions Policy Juniors 2016-2017.pdfDownload
Admissions Policy Juniors 2017-2018.pdfDownload
Admissions Policy Infants 2018-2019.pdfDownload
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When Will My Child Start In Year Three?

  • Birthdate 1st Sept 2008 - 31st Aug 2009, current Year Three
  • Birthdate 1st Sept 2009 - 31st Aug 2010, start in September 2017
  • Birthdate 1st Sept 2010 - 31st Aug 2011, start in September 2018
  • Birthdate 1st Sept 2011 - 31st Aug 2012, start in September 2019
  • Birthdate 1st Sept 2012 - 31st Aug 2013, start in September 2020

Places Allocated on Distances in the Past:

These distances are provided as a guide only and hold no guarantee that we will be able to offer the same distance in the future

  • April 2016 – 1.960km  (1.218 miles) PAN 90
  • April 2015 – 0.916km  (0.569 miles) PAN 90
  • April 2014 – 1.162km  (0.722 miles) PAN 64


Did you know that Surrey County Council has a useful tool to find the distance from home to school? Search Surrey's Find a School tool to find out more