"And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them."

Luke 6:31

How have you been a good friend today?

"Love is more important than anything else. It's what ties everything completely together."

Colossians 3:14

How did God show his love for the world?
How do you show your love for others?
What can you do today to show love to other people?

'God said to human beings, "Fill the earth with people and look after it. Care for all that I have made."'

Genesis 1:27

What is our responsibility to care for God's world?
How can I behave responsibly today?
Who relies on me to act responsibly?

"I am the Lord your God. I am holding your hand, so don't be afraid."

Isaiah 41:13

How was Jesus courageous?
What helps people to be courageous?
How have you shown courage today?

"It is better to be honest and poor than dishonest and rich."

Proverbs 16:8

Why is it important to be honest?

"Try to earn the respect of others."

Romans 12:17, paraphrase

Who do you respect and why?
What sort of behaviour earns respect?
What do you do to show you respect someone?

Academy Consultation

Proposal to become an academy and join Enlighten Learning Trust and Agreement in Principle from the Regional Schools Commissioner 

The Governing Body of St. Martin’s Voluntary Aided Schools is proposing that our schools become academies in partnership with Enlighten Learning Trust (ELT). Our Governing Body welcomed your questions and comments about this recommendation to help inform its final decision.  This period of consultation and dialogue commenced on Thursday 20th May 2021 and ended on Thursday 1st July 2021. 


We received agreement in principle (from the Regional Schools Commissioner) on the 29th September to both schools becoming academies. Click here to see these agreements.   

What is an academy?

An academy is a state school, funded directly by central government. When a school such as ours becomes an academy, they gain some additional freedoms and responsibilities (further details can be found in the 'Frequently Asked Questions' document below). Joining an academy is known as 'academisation'. Historically, some schools have been forced to join academies to address low standards of learning and teaching and this has understandably led to some negative press. St. Martin's Schools, by contrast, are consistently high achieving schools and this proposal is driven not by the Local Authority or government but by the Governing Body's considered belief that pupils and teachers will benefit from collaboration with carefully selected schools which share our values and vision. 

Why join Enlighten Learning Trust?

  • We are stronger together
  • Seeking the best for all children in our responsibility as a Christian school
  • Enlighten Learning Trust shares our vision and our values
  • There is a local and national move towards academy status for all schools 

Watch this video created by Mike Boddington. Mike is the CEO and Executive Head of Enlighten Learning Trust.

Successful Collaboration

Our schools have collaborated with other schools within ELT since March 2018.   As part of this collaboration, we have benefited from regular Business Manager expertise, supporting the financial aspect of the schools. Further to this we have held joint moderation sessions examining children’s work which has supported teacher judgements and enabled us to share good practice. Our leaders have engaged in continuing professional development, facilitated by ELT. This has enabled them to develop their leadership and teaching and has inspired them to take a lead on aspects of the schools. It has also empowered them to encourage and motivate other aspiring leaders to develop their own skills.  Throughout this period, we have been able to benefit from this collaboration with ELT, whilst retaining our individual distinctiveness within the community, which has been and remains of paramount importance to us. 

Linked Documents 

Click on the images below to access the relevant linked documents. 

ELT Vision


Every school in the Trust will flourish whilst ensuring a strong ethos of support and collaboration. This is based on the unshakeable belief that children learn through all aspects of their daily lives and that their values and knowledge, experiences and habits are as important as their academic qualifications.

  • We are growing a family of schools based in the Surrey area in which all children succeed and are championed by those who deliver a truly excellent education.
  • Each of our schools represents a unique context that we support and celebrate, and we take joint responsibility for the success of all the children in our schools.
  • Every school will offer something to others. All our staff will be highly trained and supported, work together to their students’ benefit and develop high levels of expertise.
  • Our culture will be rooted in a Christian ethos yet represent the broad spread of beliefs in schools of all settings. We are outward facing and forward thinking, rooted in the best educational research and working with outside partners to the benefit of the children.


You can read more about Enlighten Learning Trust's Vision on their website.